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sad love failure status

I lost my true love and my best friend. I can’t believe this is the end.

I don’t need your reasons because they hurt.

I’m older and colder since that last time I saw your beautiful face.

Now that we’ve said goodbye, you still own my lonely mind and I dream about you all the time.

I have counted the steps that you took when you walked away and said goodbye.

The worst part of my life was when I watched you love someone else.

I hope that one day we will be so much more than friends.

Stop explaining, I know what you are thinking, it’ll only hurt to hear it.

Nothing is fine, I am broken and I am torn.

With my head in my hands I sit and cry and think about how we drifted apart.

I feel so far from the one that I love and wish to hold in my arms.

All that I’ve been living for was gone when you walked away and never came back.

I am dying inside to hold him and kiss him.

Loving the wrong person hurts like nobody’s business.

You took away the pieces of my heart when you left.

Everything that I see and do reminds me of him. I wish I could erase all of his memories.

I don’t want to be the one to cry. It hurts saying goodbye.

They say this too shall pass but the pain is forever tattooed in my heart.

When she walked through that door she left me forever alone.

I loved someone but sometimes love just isn’t enough.

My dreams came to an end when he let me go.

Crying is my only source of relief.

My colorful life turned into a dull, boring world.

Coming home to an empty house makes me realize that it’s all over.

The thunder reminds me of how my heart was broken.

I guess I am better off alone.

The bed where you lie is all made up. It feels so empty.

How did we go from love to hatred?

I wish you weren’t so special.

All I’ve been living for is gone when you said goodbye.

I am a stranger in your heart.

Do you feel me beside you in your bed, there beside you where I used to lay?

Only you can make things better.

The most painful memory is when you kissed me goodbye.

My heart is crying like the rain. It’s pouring.

How am I supposed to breathe and live without my love?

I have loved someone for so long that it is so hard to move on.

Put on a smile and no one will know how broken you are inside.

I hope that someday my love will love me again like before.

I feel so sad and heartbroken, I feel like my heart was ripped in half.

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Letting go of someone expensive to you is difficult, however, retaining on to a person who doesn’t even feel the equal is a lot harder than that.

Giving up doesn’t mean that you are weak. It’s better to give up better than fighting unnecessarily for that person who doesn’t care for your emotions.

It’s better not be in relation with nobody than to be with the incorrect person in your life.

You took away the pieces of my coronary heart while you left.

Ruthlessly with a droplet of blood in every and every single piece in it.

Someday, you will omit me like I leave out you nowadays.

I am a queen, and you’ll never be my king.

I never knew you could give me pain and go away from me.

Time hasn’t yet healed the scars you left.

Not anything hurts more than knowing he meant everything to you and also you intended not anything to him.

My tears are the evidence that I’ve loved you the most.

I never expected you to turn back in such a manner.

Love doesn’t hurt, loving the wrong character harm more.

Love is like the sea; it’s calm and reassuring, but in times it rages in a storm.

Your happiness creates a smile on my face, but I never thought that you would be the reason for my tears too.

I am waiting for that day when someone will put all my broken pieces together.

I have lost you forever, and it is a fact.

love failure status for couples

I want I were a toddler once more due to the fact skinned knees are more straightforward to repair that broken heart.

You would not always have the chance to save your relationship, but make sure that you would save your pride.

I always have trouble sleeping because you are in my dreams. I wish you aren’t.

I trusted you again and that was my decision, but to proving me wrong is your choice.

The most painful things are not the good-byes, but the flashback of memories that follow.

Teaching your heart to stop loving someone is more difficult than stopping the mind from thinking about the person.

When you break up, treat it like you broke a mirror. Better leave the pieces alone than get hurt while you fix it.

I would now stop wasting the time that I spent thinking about the wasted time.

You can never escape the pain, yet you always have the option to suffer or not.

I still cannot get over the fact that you just let me walk away and leave.

I let you go not because I want to do it, but because we need it.

Now that everything is over, I hope you will remember that you pushed me away, and I did not walk away.

Endings are not always meant to be happy, and they are not always endings at all.

People who forget that relationships are only made for two do not know how to count.

Protect yourself from sadness, and happiness would also be shut away from you.

I only forget the pain with the help of time, but it never heals my heart.

The worst part of getting hurt too much is feeling used to it.

I would rather be lonely than get my feelings played by other people.

When we parted, it is always like I am missing a part of me every day.

I would rather be hurt by the truth for a little while than be hurt by a lie forever.

Loving a person who is not there for you is the greatest pain one could feel.

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