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    sad whatsapp status

    sad whatsapp status:- Today almost every youngster has girlfriends/boyfriend. Some pairs broken then, Difficult to forget someone. The pain of breakup is so hurting. Then Explain your pain in words. Sadness is a feeling which a human can have in different situations of life. latest Sad Status helps you to convey your feelings when you don’t have words. So guys keep calm. here we provide sad whatsapp status, sad whatsapp status for couples , sad whatsapp status for her, sad whatsapp status for him, best sad whatsapp status, very sad whatsapp status, short sad whatsapp status etc. so keep sharing with your love and express your feelings. very sad whatsapp…

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    love failure status

    love failure status:- here we provide love failure status for couples and lovers.so here you can find love failure status for couples, love failure status for her, love failure status for him.keep sharing. sad love failure status I lost my true love and my best friend. I can’t believe this is the end. I don’t need your reasons because they hurt. I’m older and colder since that last time I saw your beautiful face. Now that we’ve said goodbye, you still own my lonely mind and I dream about you all the time. I have counted the steps that you took when you walked away and said goodbye. The worst…

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    facebook relationship status

    facebook relationship status:-here we provide facebook relationship status for couples who need to express feeling through status. its the right stop to get statusfor their feelings. so keep sharing. latest facebook relationship status That moment when you are looking for him in the midst of huge crowd only to find out that he is staring at your eyes already. I want someone to look at me like how Gollum looks at the one precious ring. No couple is perfect at the beginning. It is like the potato and a tomato; they don’t look good together at first. But when a potato becomes french-fries and the tomato becomes ketchup, together they…

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    whatsapp status

    whatsapp status:- WhatsApp status is a best way to express your feelings.whatsapp status show how smartly you can put your thoughts in words. Updating status on WhatsApp  from time to time simply defines your way of living life or way towards life. Besides this, updating status is  really a fun, if you are able to manage it effectively. There are different types of WhatsApp status that one you can use, as per their convenience or mood. here we provide latest whatsapp status, short whatsapp status, funny whatsapp status, sad whatsapp status, alone whatsapp status, girly whatsapp status, friends whatsapp status, whatsapp dp status etc. so keep sharing with your friends. short…

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    140+ good night whatsapp status

    140+ good night whatsapp status here we provide good night status,140+ good night whatsapp status,best 140+ good night whatsapp status, latest 140+ good night whatsapp status, funny 140+ good night whatsapp status, sleeping 140+ good night whatsapp status, best of best 140+ good night whatsapp status, couple 140+ good night whatsapp status and sms for everyone.you can share good night status with your relatives, lover, friends etc.keep sharing. good night whatsapp status I wish I were there with you, instead of updating a loving Goodnight Sleeping is nice, at least you can forget about everything and make her yours all night. One Day, you will never have to say Goodbye, only…

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    latest Whatsapp status for friends

    latest Whatsapp status for friends here we provide latest Whatsapp status for friends,latest Whatsapp status for friends,best latest Whatsapp status for friends, top latest Whatsapp status for friends.friendship is priceless.its really hard to find true friends in life.but if you have true friends in your life then you are so lucky and keep them always with you.share with them your feeling and keep your bond strong. latest short Whatsapp status for friends A True Fried Is The Best Possession. A Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul. A Faithful Friend Is The Medicine Of Life. You Have Wrapped Me Around You Like Permanent Friendship Band. A Friend Is Who Gives A Helping…

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    333+ attitude whatsapp status

    333+ attitude whatsapp status here we provide 333+ attitude whatsapp status ,best 333+ attitude whatsapp status,attitude whatsapp status which is suits on your own personality.status for every one.lets enjoy and share with your friends also. attitude whatsapp status in english Treat me like a game, & I’ll show u how it’s played. U cannot tailor-make the situations in life but u can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations. Better to be emotionally intelligent than intellectually intelligent. People only see what they are prepared to see. It hurts, but its ok. Now, I’m used to it. I’m going to stand outside. So if anyone asks tell them: I’m outstanding. If…

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    179+ alone whatsapp status

    179+ alone whatsapp status:- Alone and Lonely status to express your feelings and situation. here we provide all tyle alone whatsapp status to express your feeling.”it’s so lonely when u don’t even know yourself.” alone short whatsapp status Never Lose Your Hope, Even If You Are Alone. I Am Not Alone, But I Am Lonely Without You. I Care For Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Me. You Aren’t Going To Leave Me Alone, Are You ? I Just Need A Little Time Alone…To Recharge. Being Alone Is More Painful Than Getting Hurt. I Am Trying To Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely. ( Alone Whatsapp Status ) I Love Listening To…

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    143+ marriage wishes

    143+ marriage wishes: – almost everyone dreams about getting married and, of course, she/he will be very happy to receive her sibling’s encouragement and approval. It means a lot to her/him. you can do on such a significant day is to express your love and support for your beloved. our website provides you with plenty of wedding wishes for sister with images. marriage wishes in english Blessings and wishes to the most adorable couple! May the commitment that you two share deepen with time and let the bond grow stronger with each passing day. Let this occasion mark the start of another journey. May the life ahead be a cheerful…

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    222+ birthday wishes

    222+ birthday wishes :-If you want to wish your frinds ‘Happy Birthday’, then ‘Happy Birthday Status‘ is the best way to wish them. We have best collection of Status on Happy Birthday, Birthday Status for Brother, Birthday Status for Friend, Happy Birthday Status for Sister, for lover and much more. birthday wishes in english Wishing U D Treasure of Happy ☺ Yesturdays and D Gifts 🎁 of Bright Tomorrows 💐 Bouquet of Best of Everything 4 Every DaY HaPpY BirthdaY Have a Amazing, Rocking, Fun-Filled, Fabulous, Marvelous, Happy, Healthy Birthday Now and Forever. Here is Birthday 🎂 Cake, 🎁 Gift, Balloon 🎈🎈 🎉 🎇 Enjoy your rocking birthday party 🎉…