• 110+ short status for whatsapp-latest-whatsapp-status

    110+ short status for whatsapp

    latest whatsapp status

    110+ short status for whatsapp:-people usually look for status which is the adorable,perfect, cool, small and easy fit on their Whatsapp profile. Thus, to help out our visitors to get Status which is too eye-catching, perfect and finest, below we badge a fantastic collection Short Whatsapp Status. in these days Short Whatsapp turn out to be a great social media site to connect to some people and exchange concepts by updating Whatsapp status with some awesome and different ways.so here you can find best of best status for share your love,friends,relatives and everyon . so reading keep sharing. one line status for whatsapp Nowadays, “Cool” Means – I Really Don’t…

  • Status For Whatsapp-latetstwhatsappstatus

    status for whatsapp

    latest whatsapp status

    status for whatsapp:- here we provide the latest collection of status for whatsapp, girly 👩 status for whatsapp, boys 😎 status for whatsapp, attitude status for whatsapp, short status for whatsapp, one line status for whatsapp,unique status for whatsapp, love 💘 status for whatsapp, alone status for whatsapp etc.so keep reading and keep sharing. whatsapp status for lovers I 💃 am so romantic 💘 it’s Better to be #strong 🙅‍♀️ than #pretty 👱‍♀️ and #useless 💁‍♀️ My lips are gun 🔫 My smile 😊 is the trigger 👱‍♀️ My kisses are the bullets🎯 Label me a killer 😍 Being a female 👩 ain’t easy you have to always be strong…